Our Mission

We take our job very seriously and hence conduct and manage all gambling activities in a socially responsible manner. We never compromise on our integrity and values. We know that we are accountable to our patrons and the law of the land and hence take great care to abide by the rules and regulations of our association.

Socially responsible We are fully aware of our social responsibility to the community and never hesitate to lend a hand in any cause that benefits the society. We have a strict policy against minors and other vulnerable people being allowed into our premises. We are constantly striving to ensure that no harm to this segment of the society comes from our end.

Honesty is the best possible We believe in building long lasting relationships not only with our clients but also our service providers and our employees. We ensure that all our dealing are fair and clean. We conduct our games in a fair, honest and transparent manner. Our clients can stand testimony to our trustworthiness.

Treat them fairWe have staff from diverse backgrounds, religious beliefs, and gender – we treat them all equally and fairly. We do not tolerate any kind of racism and bullying on our premises and treat all such incidents strongly. We strive to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for our patrons and staff alike.

Mutual respectWe believe in the policy – Give Respect and Take Respect. Our staff has been trained to behave courteously with all our guests; similarly, we expect our guests to respect the dignity of your staff and treat them with respect. Disrespect and poor behavior will be dealt with strongly.

Excellent Customer ServiceWe pride ourselves in providing customer service that is addictive and that ensures that our patrons come back to enjoy our hospitality again and again.